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Elevated Spirit Tastings

Raising the bar on the way you drink your spirits.
Expert-led whisk(e)y, gin, tequila, mezcal tastings and food pairings. Cocktail mixing classes, signature cocktail design, and private bartending
Drink less, drink better.

About Us

What We Do

We believe in drinking less, drinking better. The quality of the experience outweighs the quantity of the liquor.

Pairing food with your spirits and cocktails elevates the experience tenfold and turns the average night of drinking into an event that you’ll talk about for years to come.

Leading you and your guests in tastings and food pairings of whisk(e)y, gin, tequila, mezcals, and cocktails, we aim for a truly unique experience where no two tastings are quite the same.

When To Hold A Tasting

Gifts or Parties

Giving the spirit lover in your house a private tasting for their birthday or Christmas makes an excellent gift. Planning your own party? Why not wow your guests with an expertly curated spirit and food pairing? Getting married? A private event is a great way to kick off the evening of your bachelor/ette party for you and your friends.


Sick of doing the same old pancake breakfasts or raffle sales? Why not invite your organization’s supporters to attend a singularly unique event, built and crafted to your exact desires. Curated and paired specifically for you, no two events will ever be the same.

Just for Fun

Looking for a fun double date? Guys’ night? Ladies’ night? Sick of Netflix during the pandemic? Need a new scene on a Saturday night? Why not spend the time learning to appreciate your favourite spirits and enjoying conversation and time out with friends?


What People Say

My fiancé booked a tequila and mezcal tasting for me and my groomsmen on a Saturday night. The tasting was planned, paired, and led beginning to end. We all learned a lot and enjoyed our tequila like never before. No more salt, shot, lime– AWESOME NIGHT

Devon P.

It was more than what I expected.  So prepared and knowledgeable about whisky; in its origins and flavors.  I really didn’t know there was so much to tasting. We had such a great time, I highly recommend the experience, even if you are not a whisky drinker like me.

Donna G.

My husband planned a double date for us and his brother and his wife. 4 gins with tonics and garnishes and botanicals. It was awesome to learn about how diverse a drink gin is, and how different additives and mixers change the drink. My sister in law used to think she didn’t like gin.. Now she knows she just wasn’t appreciating it properly.

Amanda E.

Pour Yourself A Drink

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